Sunday, April 17, 2016

Zoo Blooms

I was at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens last week to shoot Blooms & Tunes for the Cincinnati Enquirer, an evening of live music coordinated with the zoo's annual spring flower display. While my focus was on the people, especially the many adorable dancing children in attendance, i couldn't help but be drawn to take a few quick snaps of the beautiful flowers all around me. This is certainly deserving of a special trip just to shoot the blooms, but i wanted to put these up regardless. Maybe it will serve as a nudge to get me back there before all the petals fall. And perhaps that damn peacock will finally display its fan tail for me, something he has never done in my presence.

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Cincinnati Zoo; Flower; Zoo Blooms; Tulips; Peacock

Cincinnati Zoo; Flower; Zoo Blooms; Tulips

Cincinnati Zoo; Flower; Zoo Blooms; Tulips

Cincinnati Zoo; Flower; Zoo Blooms; Tulips

Cincinnati Zoo; Flower; Zoo Blooms; Tulips

Cincinnati Zoo; Flower; Zoo Blooms; Tulips
All Photos ©David Sorcher 2016

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Black & White Northside

I've been looking back through some of my past Northside images to see where i have been and do some re-editing. I always find it interesting to give my outtakes second and third looks to see if i missed anything on the first go-around. While doing so i decided to revision some of this body of work as black & whites. Some of these are therefore "new" images and some i have published before, but all of them are new to this B&W presentation. All these images of Northside are within walking distance from my home. Welcome to the hood...

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Northside; Cincinnati; Procession; Catholic

Northside; Cincinnati; Flag; Graveyard; Tombstone

Northside; Cincinnati

Northside; Cincinnati;Jesus; Bullet Hole; Reflection

Northside; Cincinnati; junker's Tavern; Bar; Bicycle

Northside; Cincinnati; Stairs

Northside; Cincinnati; Dogs; Fences

Northside; Cincinnati; Storage

Northside; Cincinnati; Graveyard; Cemetery; Monument; Headless; Angel

Northside; Cincinnati; Gates

Northside; Cincinnati; Boats; Trailers

Northside; Cincinnati; Corner

All Images ©David Sorcher 2016
All Rights Reserved

Friday, March 25, 2016

Flower Power!

You have all probably noticed that Spring has sprung. Here in Cincinnati the Azaleas are just about done as the rest of the plant kingdom begins to explode in floral beauty. I guess i should be out and about documenting the blooming plants and trees, but i'm not. However, to honor the season, here are some pretty pictures of flowers shot up in Nova Scotia over the past few years. The first five are previously unpublished, the final six drawn from the archives of this blog. Breathe deep...stop to smell the flowers... 

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Flower; Nova Scotia

Flower; Nova Scotia

Flower; Nova Scotia

Flower; Nova Scotia

Flower; Nova Scotia

Flower; Nova Scotia

Flower; Nova Scotia; Lupins

Flower; Nova Scotia; Poppy

Flower; Nova Scotia

Flower; Nova Scotia

Flower; Nova Scotia; Bee

All Photos ©David Sorcher 2009-2015

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Nature Challenge?

So, if you are on Facebook regularly you have probably seen some of your friends doing a photographic "Nature Challenge". They are posting seven favorite nature shots, one a day for a week, and nominating others each day to do the same in order to flood Facebook with beautiful photography. It is a noble act, i suppose, but frankly i am not too fond of posting my non-commercial work on FB pages. Firstly, they don't look as good there as on other platforms and people are far to apt to appropriate your image for their own uses in social media. But now i have been nominated twice to this challenge and feel i should respond in some way, so here are a few of my favorite nature images from the past few years. Such a choice is really not too easy for me and next week i might choose a completely different set of images, but here are today's choices with a few extra thrown in for breaking the rules of the game. 

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Photos ©2011-2015

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Miscellaneous Martimes

Generally when i post photographs here they are connected to some particular theme or subject. It may be images from a certain field trip or specific to some thesis, body of work or examination of a certain visual idea. This hold true even when my photos are all from Nova Scotia. Like anywhere there are many different facets to be found in this gem of a land, their only relation being that they are all part of this jewel called Nova Scotia. After posting more thematically focussed entries i am always left with a good number of individual images that didn't quite fit in with may more categorical posts. So today i present a collection of relatively unrelated images of this maritime paradise. I hope you enjoy them. 

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Nova Scotia; Maritimes; Atlantic Ocean; Gaff Point; Hirtle's Beach; Sunset
Sunset at Hirtle's Beach

Nova Scotia; Maritimes; Books; Interiors

Nova Scotia; Maritimes; Window; Shell

Nova Scotia; Maritimes; Inlet; Evergreens
Last Light

Nova Scotia; Maritimes; Dogs; Risser's Beach
Dogs on Risser's Beach

Nova Scotia; Maritimes; Flower; Bee
Bee Time

Nova Scotia; Maritimes; Horse; Harness; Carriage Horse
Carriage Horse & Harness

Nova Scotia; Maritimes; Chain; Rope; Rigging
Rope & Chain

Nova Scotia; Maritimes; Red; Complimentary Color; Berries
Red Berries

Nova Scotia; Maritimes; Seaweed; Rocks: Beach
Seaweed Canyon

Nova Scotia; Maritimes; Rose; Wild Roses
Wild Roses

Nova Scotia; Martitimes; Whale Bone; Porpoise; Gaff Point
Whale Bone

Nova Scotia; Martitimes; Gaff Point
Land & Sea

All Photos ©David Sorcher 2015