Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Bug Life

OK, before i am deluged by a flood of angry messages from well meaning entomologists let me just make it clear that i am well aware that spiders are arachnids and therefore not technically "bugs". I was just having trouble coming up with a cute and clever title that covered all categories of creepy, crawly, buzzing and fluttering denizens of garden, field and forest so i settled on Bug Life. Sometimes poetic license trumps scientific accuracy.
I've always had a fascination with these seemingly alien creatures even if they do frighten or repulse me at times. Often the first thought we humans tend to have when encountering an insect or spider is either to smash it or run away screaming (butterflies may be an exception). Certainly they have far more to fear from us. What is it exactly in our mammalian programming that triggers this unreasonable fight or flight response? Sure, there are a few poisonous spiders out there as well as some sneaky and vampiric bloodsuckers that have rightfully earned our distain, but the vast majority of insect and arachnid life is actually extremely beneficial, in fact, essential to our ecosystem and therefore our very survival. And oh my, the ingenious and beautiful variations of form and function.

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insect; moth

Insect; Butterfly; Tiger Swallowtail

Spider; Garden Spider

cicada, insect


Spider; Garden Spider

Spider; Arachnid; Web; Nova Scotia
Spider; Garden Spider

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Stormy Weather

Some interesting weather blew through Northside this evening and the odd color and texture of the light drew me out side. The lightning strike was pure luck as i turned and snapped the shot of the heavily overcast sky at precisely the right moment. 

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~Lucky Strike~

Technically speaking this rainbow capture took place before any of these other images, but i wanted to end this post on an optimistic note. ;-) 

All Photographs ©David Sorcher 2016

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Gaff Point on a (Time) Budget

I never feel like a visit to Nova Scotia is complete without making at least one circuit around Gaff Point. The hike itself is relatively a short one (less than 3 miles) even counting the walk along the length of Hirtle's Beach to get to the trail head. Still, we have taken as long as 11+ hours to walk its course as new photographic opportunities seem to present themselves with practically every step. Though that is certainly an extreme, we at least usually schedule it as a full day experience. 
That said, circumstances are not always conducive to desire. We had friends in from Montreal and Veronica was trying to accommodate everyone's sightseeing needs. So our Gaff Point trek had to be parred down to a mere 3+ hrs. What's more, we didn't have the early start i like to have, usually trying to arrive on the beach as close to sunrise as possible. So much of this hike took place with the sun high in the sky, depriving me of the nice long shadows i like to work into these rock and landscape shots. 
So, now that i am done making whiney excuses, here's a collection of shots from the day. Despite the less than perfect circumstances i still think i came away with a few good images to add to my catalog of Gaff Point photographs. What is it that the old Rolling Stone's song says? You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you just might find, you get what you need...

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Nova Scotia; Gaff Point

Nova Scotia; Gaff Point; Trail

Nova Scotia; Gaff Point; Driftwood

Nova Scotia; Gaff Point; Rocks; Boulder

Nova Scotia; Gaff Point; Flowers

Nova Scotia; Gaff Point; Rocks

Nova Scotia; Gaff Point; Crab

Nova Scotia; Gaff Point; Ocean; Atlantic; Cliffs

Nova Scotia; Gaff Point; Flowers

Nova Scotia; Gaff Point; Rocks; Driftwood

Nova Scotia; Gaff Point; Rocks; Roots

Nova Scotia; Gaff Point; Feather

Nova Scotia; Gaff Point; Driftwood

Nova Scotia; Gaff Point; Rocks; Cliffs

Nova Scotia; Gaff Point; Lichen

Nova Scotia; Gaff Point; Rocks; Cliffs

Nova Scotia; Gaff Point; Inukshuk

All Photos ©David Sorcher 2016