Thursday, May 28, 2015

Canadian Polyptychs

I am still organizing my various bodies of work hoping to find a physical gallery space to mount a printed show. I have so much work from Nova Scotia and other parts of Canada that it seems it might be best to further categorize those images into sub-groups. Today i would like to present just the polyptychs. This does not mean that i would be opposed to placing single frame images in the same show, but as a means of organization it just seems to make sense to break up the work in this manner.
If you are unfamiliar with the term polyptych the images below should be self-explanatory. Polyptych presentation uses two or more images in concert to create a single work. I generally work with diptychs and triptychs. This was a popular device of Renaissance painters, often depicting religious subject matter in a paneled format. I use the form more for my landscape and nature work, but then that can be a religion on to itself, can't it?
My own ideas for this approach are perhaps a bit different from the Renaissance artists. I am drawing from an edit of single images from a particular day's outing that i find fit together compositional and/or conceptually (ideally both), that draw the eye through a connection of color and line into a unity of design and hopefully brings a sense of balance and harmony to the mind of the viewer.
Please be sure to click on the images for an expanded view to be able to fully appreciate the work.

Nova Scotia; Tomatoes; Peaches; Fruit

All Images ©David Sorcher 2009-15

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