Sunday, January 3, 2016

Music in Review: 2015

With another year of concerts in the can it's time to look back in review and forward in anticipation to a hopefully exciting 2016.  Shooting live music has become one of the most enjoyable commercial outlets of my photographic career. Some shooters i know do this work purely for the love of getting just a bit closer to their favorite bands. Personally i am not as concerned what band or style of music i am shooting as long as the performer is sincerely expressing themselves through their own preferred genre of sound. That is not to say that i don't get especially jazzed when i get an opportunity to shoot a band i really dig, but i have often found myself truly enjoying bands who play any number of musical genres that you will never find me listening to in my car or on my home stereo. It still surprises me. In that spirit you will notice that i do not identify the artists in any of these photos. Some may be immediately recognizable to just about anyone, some you might know only because you are a true and die-hard fan and yet others may be totally obscure to you, anonymous figures with instruments and microphones lit up only by a single spot and the love of the music they live for in some small bar or underground venue. What i do hope they all convey is some sincere moment of musical elation expressed on stage by performers who are really enjoying what they do.

(Please click on photos for enlarged gallery viewing)

Photos ©David Sorcher 2015

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