Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Still the Camera at Hand

I continue to find the iPhone camera a good visual exercise for my day to day photographic life. Maybe i'm just getting lazy with less commercial work on my plate lately. Perhaps i should start posting a picture of the day like my dear wife Veronica does, though i'm not sure i have her discipline. I'm pretty sure that i do actually take at least one photo a day even if it does sometimes takes me several weeks, if not months to post them, but somehow i fear that the obligation to get that daily pic up on social media might take a bit of the fun out of it. At least this next batch aren't nearly as long-in-the-can as the last group of iPhoneography i posted. These images were all shot within the last two weeks at least. 
You may have noticed that i have taken to titling my iPhotos lately, a practice that i believe i have picked up from my wife's work. She always gives her instagrams clever visual pun names, though admittedly she is far more literary than i am. Still, i find it an interesting exercise that adds a bit of fun and challenge to the work. 

(Please click on images for an enlarged gallery view)


Lot's Lilies

Wet Set

Colors for the Dead

Crossing Ground

Mother & Father Reunion

Empty Nest Syndrome

Family Affair

Fruit on Fruit

Grass Grave

Hook & Shadow

The Long Layabout

Level on the Level

Old-School Digits

Long Sun Down

Saving Shavings

Shadow Self

All Photos: ©David Sorcher 2016
All Rights Reserved

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