Thursday, December 1, 2016

Nova November

Natural beauty really knows no particular season. I've been coming to Nova Scotia's south shore for many years now, but this was my first visit in the month of November. I had been warned it could be bleak and rainy, but i have always loved a good fog and a little of weather only adds a bit of  "atmosphere" and a touch of character to a good landscape scene. Though i have come up for the first week or so of winter, often spending Christmas/New Years with my Maritimes family and friends, these transitional days of the late autumn season have previously escaped my camera until now. 
This trip i was unable to take as much time as usual specifically on the task of image capture because we actually spent much of our time in the process of house hunting. That's right, after so many years of talking about moving back to my wife's ancestral homeland we are finally taking real steps to make it so. But we did, of course, also make time for some walks along Hirtle's Beach and frankly, just stepping out back in my in-law's yard can be a satisfying nature adventure for me. I was pleased to find that no matter what time of year i am in the Maritimes i am always entranced and seduced by its beauty. True, i have yet to experience the true deep winter months of February and March, but i have always kind of liked the snow and i do drive an all-wheel drive vehicle so the quest continues to make this place my year-round abode. ;-) 

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All Photos ©David Sorcher 2016

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