Thursday, March 9, 2017


Yes i know, it does seem strange to put up yet another iPhonography post right on heels of the last, but i guess it's where my creative output is of late. I am, of course, still shooting quite a bit with the big cameras for work purposes, but for those slice of life moments in time when the confluences of light and shadow shape fleeting alliances of form and design, the camera at hand is, well, a handy solution. 
To be fair this walk through Spring Grove Cemetery was not so spontaneous that i didn't have an opportunity to grab my DSLR and there may have been a few moments when i regretted leaving it behind, especially as the clouds began to break and presented a particularly elegant quality of light on the late afternoon landscape of trees and tombstone. 
To be sure there is a different approach one takes when shooting images like these on a smartphone. It does seem a difficult difference to explain, but i do certainly feel it in action as well as see it in the results, at least when i manage to convince my little outmoded iPhone to actually capture an image as i have envisioned it. In many ways it seems to be derived from the limitations of the medium combined with a more simplistic and immediate operation of the capture. It might be an interesting exercise to one day producing side-by-side comparison shots to see how the impact of these images may or may not differ. 

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All Photos @David Sorcher 2017