Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Diptychs & Triptychs

You probably wouldn't know from viewing my work on the web that i often envision my final pieces as diptychs and triptychs. I love these formats for visual imagery, but i have always been hesitant to present them on the internet mostly because i have felt that the size restriction of our computer screens takes away quite a bit from the impact that the formats potentially hold. It's not that i picture these mural-sized necessarily, but they will certainly be much larger in print than any of your monitors are likely capable of holding. But as i slowly work my way towards putting together a show of my work for real-time/space environments i think it's time to start placing some of these ideas out there for consideration and comment.

Diptych; Nova Scotia; Cliffs; Rocks; Sea; Ocean
Dragon's Lair ©David Sorcher 2009

It's not that i don't believe in the power of the single image. I have, in fact, always been a strong proponent of the single decisive moment. Polyptychs simply tell our visual stories in a different manner, linking both thematic and compositional elements together for another way of seeing. I have often presented just the photo on the left as a single image, but it creates a different dynamic coupled with the image on the right. Once joined the two i find that the two are inseparable.  

Heron, Nova Scotia, Rocks, Beach, Bird, Bones
Heron ©David Sorcher 2010

The heron is a cross-over in my bodies of work since it belongs to both my Nova Scotia images as well as my Future Fossils series. Some ideas just follow you wherever you go. :-) The impact of this triptych would not be possible as a single wide shot as each component of the whole involves a different angle and shooting distance on the same subject, but placed together these separate images unite to express the visual ideas i had in mind better than any individual photograph ever could.  

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