Wednesday, July 17, 2013

More Triptychs

More than anywhere else, my time in Nova Scotia seems to inspire my polyptych way of seeing. Maybe it's the surf and salty sea, the fantastic and colorful rock formation or simply the rare air and quality of light the place holds, but the majority of these pieces turn up in this particular body of work.

Grass; Seaweed; Nova Scotia; Triptych
©David Sorcher 2010

I don't require that the components of my polyptychs be shot in sequence, but they are always from the same day, the same place, the same series of moments. The order of their arrangement is an afterthought that i may play with for some time before arriving at what feels like the best compositional choice. These are like extremely short films for me, attempting to tell just a little bit more about their subjects in a few quick frames. But like motion pictures, where a single frame out of a movie usually does not satisfy the narrative, all three images must be embraced as a whole to receive the full impact of the work.  

Nova Scotia; Triptych; Rocks
©David Sorcher 2011

I look for lines that will connect the flow of the composition from one frame to the next. A thematic connection is important for me in these works, but the piece will not work as a whole if the eye does not move freely from one frame to the next and allow the mind to read the over all presentation as a single and complete work.

Nova Scotia; Triptych; Sand; Beach
©David Sorcher 2012

When all three single images create a sense of balance and flow the pieces are successful for me.

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