Monday, September 7, 2015

Haven't a Wing to Fly On

After the Fall ~ ©David Sorcher 2015

Yes, it is true that i am beside myself with embarrassment. It has been more than a month since my last blog post and i'm afraid that my excuses are failing to convince even me. I spent the first ten days of August in Nova Scotia and i certainly should have dipped well into that cache of photo files weeks ago, but  i must say that business really has been rather brisk since returning from the north and i just had to put all my personal work on hold to get it all done. While that just isn't the kind of thing one should ever complain about in the freelance world, i'm really anxious to post some new work on these pages. Hopefully later this week i will manage that. In the meantime, here is one, from the rock cliffs of Gaff Point; the remains of Icarus, grazed by the sun and fallen to the rocky shore below. 
I do wonder where the rest of this hawk ended up and what might have brought about its untimely end.

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