Thursday, February 11, 2016

Miscellaneous Martimes

Generally when i post photographs here they are connected to some particular theme or subject. It may be images from a certain field trip or specific to some thesis, body of work or examination of a certain visual idea. This hold true even when my photos are all from Nova Scotia. Like anywhere there are many different facets to be found in this gem of a land, their only relation being that they are all part of this jewel called Nova Scotia. After posting more thematically focussed entries i am always left with a good number of individual images that didn't quite fit in with may more categorical posts. So today i present a collection of relatively unrelated images of this maritime paradise. I hope you enjoy them. 

(please click on images for enlarged gallery view)

Nova Scotia; Maritimes; Atlantic Ocean; Gaff Point; Hirtle's Beach; Sunset
Sunset at Hirtle's Beach

Nova Scotia; Maritimes; Books; Interiors

Nova Scotia; Maritimes; Window; Shell

Nova Scotia; Maritimes; Inlet; Evergreens
Last Light

Nova Scotia; Maritimes; Dogs; Risser's Beach
Dogs on Risser's Beach

Nova Scotia; Maritimes; Flower; Bee
Bee Time

Nova Scotia; Maritimes; Horse; Harness; Carriage Horse
Carriage Horse & Harness

Nova Scotia; Maritimes; Chain; Rope; Rigging
Rope & Chain

Nova Scotia; Maritimes; Red; Complimentary Color; Berries
Red Berries

Nova Scotia; Maritimes; Seaweed; Rocks: Beach
Seaweed Canyon

Nova Scotia; Maritimes; Rose; Wild Roses
Wild Roses

Nova Scotia; Martitimes; Whale Bone; Porpoise; Gaff Point
Whale Bone

Nova Scotia; Martitimes; Gaff Point
Land & Sea

All Photos ©David Sorcher 2015

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