Thursday, March 24, 2016

Nature Challenge?

So, if you are on Facebook regularly you have probably seen some of your friends doing a photographic "Nature Challenge". They are posting seven favorite nature shots, one a day for a week, and nominating others each day to do the same in order to flood Facebook with beautiful photography. It is a noble act, i suppose, but frankly i am not too fond of posting my non-commercial work on FB pages. Firstly, they don't look as good there as on other platforms and people are far too apt to appropriate your image for their own purposes in social media. But now i have been nominated twice to this challenge and feel i should respond in some way, so here are a few of my favorite nature images from the past few years. Such a choice is really not too easy for me and next week i might choose a completely different set of images, but here are today's choices with a few extra thrown in for breaking the rules of the game. 

(please click on images for an enlarged gallery view)

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