Sunday, October 15, 2017

BLINK...or you'll miss it!

Usually they will tell you, "Don't blink or you'll miss it!" 
But this is one of those times when it is definitely best to BLINK...
As i move closer and closer to leaving my adopted city of Cincinnati i can't help but notice that it keeps getting cooler all the time. Yes, this city has been the Midwest's best kept secret for years, even among its own residents, but it just keeps getting better and better! I certainly have no regrets about my choice to soon be moving on, but my dear Queen City, you ain't making it any easier to go.
Enter BLINK, a four day "luminocity" festival that took over 20 square blocks of the city to fill its walls and streets with artistic projected displays of lasers and light this past weekend. At first i was afraid i would miss all of this new entry on the ever-growing list of citywide Cincy festivities as i had previous obligations, both work and otherwise. I was also a bit disappointed that none of my regular media clients had assigned me to cover it, but i did, much to my chagrin, have a completely unrelated job to shoot the evening of the opening parade on Thursday. When you are freelance you just have to take the jobs when they come along. But good fortune shone her laser light on me. I was unaware that the job i did have that evening was right smack in the middle of the parade route and when i exited i was excited to find a swelling crowd of thousands lining Vine Street, humming in joyous anticipation for the luminescent procession to come. Strangely, though local media did cover the weekend's events fairly well, i saw very little coverage of this wonderful parade the next day. It seemed like a bit of an oversight to me not to focus more on the kick-off. But this is the kind of subject i am always more than willing to shoot just for myself. Sometimes you need to become your own media outlet. So here's my gallery of the event. Please share this link if you will. Spread the shining, resplendent joy!

(please click on images for an enlarged gallery view)

Bootsy and Patti Collins show their love for Cincy, The Bengals and BLINK.

All Photos ©David Sorcher 2017


  1. Awesome photos!!!! We are with Dance Flash Fusion, the LED Hula Hoops! You captured a great shot! Thanks!

  2. Glad you like them. Your group was great too!