Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Family on the River

Most often the photographs of Nova Scotia that i post here are completely devoid of people. I tend to focus my visual intentions when there on the art of landscape and nature, which is, of course, a good deal of what draws me to the place. But ultimately, the more important draw is family... technically my wife's family, but i have whole-hearted adopted them all and (i hope) they have me as well. Over my many years of visitations i have come to look most forward to one particular weekend that draws this family together from all over Canada (as well as parts of the States), back to the source, so to speak, to a communal piece of land along one particular South Shore river. For whatever reasons i have never had this kind of experience with my own flesh & blood so i hope no one minds that i presume myself now to be part of this amazing family and reap the enormous benefit of their love. 
Hopefully the images i present here carry a bit more weight for my viewers than just a common family picture album and they can find some visual content in them that goes beyond a mere record of unrelated strangers. For me it is documentation, portraiture and story telling and i hope you still find it engaging even if these might not be people you personally know.  

(please click on images for an enlarged gallery view)

All Photos ©David Sorcher

***I beg forgiveness from those family members who may have expected to see a photo of themselves in this gallery, but did not. Given the intent of this venue i only included images that held particular photographic qualities. Omissions were not based upon personalities, but rather upon my own artistic image preferences.

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