Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Moment Before Coffee...

Wisk; Light; Shadow; Kitchen: Utensils
©David Sorcher 2013

OK, so you are probably getting a little tired of looking at shots from Nova Scotia as it was all i posted for the entire month of September. Perhaps it's time for a bit of a break (not that i am quite done with it yet). But October is here and the season of long shadows is upon us as both summer and the sun slip lower in the sky, so i thought this offering was appropriate. I have told of my love of house light before, the sun sneaking through the curtains in the early morning bringing messages of the day or bidding it's fond farewells at the setting of the sun. This is my kitchen sink early in the day and i could not help but be seduced by the alternating patterns of light & shadow. A moment before coffee to recognize the beauty of simple things.  

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  1. I didnt realize how much I have been missing, I have not been on google in awhile.