Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Canadian Color

One of the things i was excited about before our Canadian road trip was an opportunity to photograph some of the northern fall colors. The trees hadn't quite turned down here in Cincinnati and this trip gave me a chance to have two shots at autumn colors because they should be changing by the time i return. And sure enough, as we drove back and forth across the Canadian Shield on the 401 we witnessed a brilliant display of bright reds and oranges and golden yellows. Trouble is i was doing the driving and we had little time on our busy schedule for photographic detours. Relatives and friends were waiting at the end of those long drives and those visits were our priority.
But here are some shots for you color junkies out there. Not what the season tantalizingly dangled before my windscreen on the roadways, but powerful colors none the less.

Kingston; Canada; Lake Ontario; Umbrella
Green Squid ©David Sorcher 2013

This umbrella reminded me of a big land squid in the late afternoon sun.

Kingston; Canada; Lake Ontario
Fifty/Fifty ©David Sorcher 2013

This sunset view is out the backyard of Hugh & Diane's (my wife's uncle & aunt) place in Kingston, overlooking Lake Ontario. It's a view i could get used to. :-)

Kingston; Canada; Car Wash
Primary Car Wash ©David Sorcher 2013

A nice grouping of primary color is found in the most mundane of subjects. Actually, a slight bit of natural fall color can be seen in the background trees, but clearly the man-made color dominate here. 

Kingston; Canada; Leaves
©David Sorcher 2013

OK, finally some natural leaf color, eh? We took a nice long afternoon walk with most of the family one day and i thought for sure the autumn colors would be there. But really there were very few and many of the trees in this park were still pretty green. Go figure. I did get some great shots of the kids that day which i will probably post soon and to be fair, this day, this trip, really was about family, not finding fall color. Good thing that now that i am back home and much further south i will have another shot at it. 

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