Friday, November 8, 2013

A Walk to the Polls

So Tuesday was Election Day and here in Cincinnati a whopping 28% of eligible voters turned out at the polls. In retrospect queried non-voters had a rather varied list of bad excuses for staying home ranging from "i only vote in presidential elections" to "i didn't understand the issues", "there were just too many choices for City Council" and "no one told me it was election day'. I've been pretty bad about getting out to shoot personal projects, but i did make the short walk to the polls to vote and i did bring my camera. :-)

©David Sorcher 2013

Well no, i actually had to run back home to get my camera for this shot since it wasn't my first inclination to bring it along to the polls. The light was actually more spectacular before this and i missed it running home after taking a quick snap with my wife's cell phone. As much as i tease my wife about it i am not yet prepared to join the instagram crowd, but i do still want that perfect little point & shoot that i always carry for just these moments. I just don't know what camera that is yet.
This is a portrait of our recently closed Save-A-Lot. While i was loathe to actually shop here for most items the missus was quite fond of the place and unfortunately there is no longer a walkable supermarket in the neighborhood for the carless. Maybe our new mayor can get on this one as soon as he finishes killing off our streetcar program.

©David Sorcher 2013

The deep saturated colors of the final rays of the day drew my eye here as well as the brilliant spot color of the red house.

©David Sorcher 2013

And one more shot before voting. Seems such a shame that there was so much apathy around this election. I'm not a big flag waver, but if it represents nothing else that is good, it stands for that right, well fought for, to cast our vote for what we believe to be the best choices for moving our communities forward. This is most important on the local level, where perhaps our votes still count for something and actually can effect change. So sorry you missed the boat Cincinnati. 

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