Thursday, December 12, 2013

Of sunlight, glass and cold winter days…

It seems winter is already upon us, even if not officially here. Baby it's cold outside and we have already had two significant snow falls here in Cincy (unusual for us) even before the solstice arrives. Paying work is slow right now and frankly i'm feeling sluggish if not just a little bit lazy. So instead of heading out into the weather with my camera as i probably should i languish about the house hoping for inspiration to break through the walls and windows to light that dim idea bulb that hovers above my head, dark and taunting.
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Metric; Milk; Cutting Board; Measuring Cup
Metric Milk ©David Sorcher 2013

And of course great inspiration rarely comes this way. Sunlight breaks through the kitchen windows  demanding my attention as i prepare my morning coffee. It plays with the pyrex measuring cup and throws enticing shadows across the soiled cutting board. But no, i'm not feeling any great genius here, though this triptych does seem indicative of my life as of late, the remains of midnight oatmeal and a gathering of lemon pips awaiting my overdue attention. Is it possible i can find art in my sloth and procrastinations? 

Bottles; Glass
©David Sorcher 2013

I love the translucent quality of antique bottles (all things glass really) and keep my kitchen window sills lined with them. The morning light catches the southern collection and with the setting sun the western window comes alive. I particularly love old bottles with raised lettering, especially when they spell out interesting words.

Bottles; Glass; Medicine; Drugs: Druggist
©David Sorcher 2013

Medicine bottles are often the most interesting to me. Of course color and textural qualities also play an important part in my collection choices. 

©David Sorcher 2013

Sure, i know what you're thinking. Why does it always come back to skulls and bones with this guy? Sorry, i just can't help myself. This glass wine stopper sits atop an old bottle in my westside kitchen window. My last bit of cabin fever inspiration for the day.
As the year winds down i find myself looking forward to the lengthening days to come. I have a few more commercial jobs lined up before the New Year, but i rarely have a problem finding the best creative solutions when i am at work on these commissioned job. Perhaps with the renewed light of day i will regain some of my creative balance in my personal work as well and begin to manifest those cobwebbed ideas that i have tucked away in the dark crevices and corners of my mind. Til then i will look to the morning light that streams through my kitchen windows in hope that it helps to sweep those damned cobwebs aside. 


  1. I find medicine bottles of great interest also, have quite a collection. A bit of the past, a different time and way of living. Apothecary in general has a flavor of it's own. Love the photos. great body of work. These gray days of the oncoming winter are sometimes the most creative. We tend to look inward and find those pockets of stored creation just waiting get out.

  2. Thanks for the comments and encouragement. I agree with you on the value of the darker days of winter acting as a sort of incubator for the creative process.