Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Bee Thyme

Busy as a bee,
Put a bee in your bonnet,
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee,
The birds and the bees,
Make a beeline for it,
Like a bee to a honeypot,
You're the bee's knees...

Humankind's survival may well depend on the continued existence of these remarkable communal creatures. Some scientists have suggested that if all the bees disappeared tomorrow the rest of us would not be far behind. Unfortunately bee populations have been diminishing for decades, with colony collapse disorder a major concern not just for honey manufacturers, but environmentalists around the world.
So finding my new backyard literally humming with the buzz of so many of these busy pollinators gives me at least some hope for the future. Here are just a few shots from yesterday. I may have to make an ongoing project on these little guys.
Oh, and yes, these bees are indeed collecting pollen on flowering thyme.

(please click on images for an enlarged gallery view)

All Photos ©David Sorcher 2017

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