Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Punch Out!

I never seem to have much opportunity to shoot organized sports. It is not necessarily my greatest photographic passion as it is for some, but i do find it both exciting and challenging. It's also generally a regular part of any good journalistic portfolio.
While there are still a number of sports on my to-do list, i have always had an interest in shooting boxing and finally got that opportunity last week. Albeit, this was no big name professional bout or even some prestigious AIBA event. Punch Out: Round Two was the second annual bragging rights competition between local breweries here in Cincinnati. While refereed in a regulation ring under the bright lights, it was not exactly a serious match up between fighters with career training and intent. It was more akin to a big drinking party where a fight breaks out, only it's a good thing and everyone cheers in the end.
This is not to say that these competitors did not apply themselves in ernest. Though perhaps not Golden Gloves material, these boys and girls pulled no punches in the ring and approached these matches as sincere endeavors even if a high level of boxing skill was not always apparent. There were some solid jabs, knock downs and a few staggering blows that proved that while it would all indeed end with a fist bump, a hug and a cold, local draft beer, it was nothing but serious business between the sound of the bells.
I'd love to find more opportunity to shoot a good inside story on boxing, perhaps from an amateur youth perspective. Certainly it has been done many times before, but it's just one of those subjects i have always found alluring for some reason. Of course, the beer was probably better on this occasion.

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Referee Stephen Hooks

Future Champion

Standing Eight Count

All Photos ©David Sorcher 2017

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