Friday, July 7, 2017

The Last Parade

Well, yes, that is a somewhat ominous and depressing title for a generally joyous gallery of photographs, but as i progress towards my eventual emigration to Canada i continue to assess the many wonderful things i will be leaving behind when i go. If all goes according to plan this will, unfortunately, be my last Fourth of July as a Northsider.  
I  know i will be starting out on a new life in Nova Scotia that will undoubtably yield fresh and equally wondrous adventures ahead so i have no regrets or second guesses on my intended path. Life is a trade off and in this game i feel confident that my exchanges are at least on equal footing. Still, i believe it is important to make a full accounting of what i have had here in Cincinnati and say to this city at large, and especially to Northside...Thank You! 
Frankly, there is no place i'd rather be on the Fourth that the Northside Fourth of July Parade. This  irreverent and somewhat kinky "patriotic" procession cuts right to the heart, soul and spirit of my Northside neighborhood. Young, hip, progressive and eclectic, we are a community that knows how to party. I will dearly miss my Northside neighbors. 
Of course, after 20 years in Cincinnati i will certainly be returning to visit with friends after the move and i can't think of a better time to come back than during this holiday. So maybe, just maybe, this isn't "the last parade" after all. 
(please click on photos for an enlarged gallery view)

All Photos ©David Sorcher 2017


  1. Awesome set of Photos! Thank you

  2. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed them. Photographing this parade is a labor of love for me. :-)

    We are SO going to be SO sad next year without you here!