Monday, May 20, 2013

Photo for a bleary-eyed morning

And you probably thought i had forgotten about blogging today. No such luck, eh? I suppose that for me a part of this is the disciple of the thing, of both writing and providing a new photo per least for a little while anyway.
Well, i rolled out of bed a bit bleary-eyed (and waaaaay too early) from my Sunday gaming night (Settlers of Catan, yeah!) and knew i had to make a photo and make it then because the day was about to get busy with other things. But the light was nice at least. There is just nothing like morning light. Even though color temperature will be very similar in the late afternoon, morning light just looks different, feels different.
So my entry for today is just this simple shot of the shadow play on my porch from those early morning rays. No big whoop i suppose, but compositionally sound at least. Tomorrow night i am shooting the Shins at the new casino. Maybe something more exciting will present itself there. :-)
©David Sorcher 2013

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