Sunday, May 26, 2013

Jack of All Trades?

©David Sorcher 2013

It has been written and advised that despite the old adage a photographer should not attempt to be a "Jack of All Trades" because s/he will then surely end up be a master at none. While i do understand what the photo business gurus are getting at here i just personally have a hard time with this advice. Perhaps i suffer from a bit of photographic ADHD, but if i were to turn my focus just to one aspect of my photography i feel i would surely suffer for it.
A quick scroll down my blog page will clearly reveal my photographic schizophrenia. Yesterday i was shooting straightforward general news at the Monsanto demonstration. As you continue down you will find landscapes, music photography, abstract light and shadow, nature macro shots and dead animals. What's a boy to do, in am just interested i so many things. :-)
What i do believe in doing is finding consistency in each of these categories. Each of my different bodies of work needs to hold together as a whole. Certainly some bodies of work are more commercially viable than others so i suppose which work i show where and how becomes important for my commercial success. But hey, this is my PhotoWorld. Anything can happen here... ;->
Today's offering is another example of outdoor light seeking indoor environments, the play of light and shadow on my kitchen curtains.  

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  1. I concur David. I like so many different types of shooting. I do like the advice though of using a different page for each style. That way people can choose where they want to see what they are interested in.