Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Into the Fringe...

I shot the opening kick-off party for the Cincinnati Fringe Fest last night at the Know Theatre. If you've never been to our Fringe Fest (or any of the other around the country) you should really check it out for a fun, off-beat theater experience. It was the usual events photo gallery for, nothing particularly special, though i have always enjoyed working with theater people. They are generally open and colorful folks who give good photo.
I still keep my eyes open for a different kind of photo when i am shooting these jobs, something more candid and dare i say it, more artistic in nature. So taking note of the interior architecture and the windows along the ramp to the bottom floor i waited for someone to fill the spaces and made a capture. Frame within a frame, decisive moment, rule of thirds. Nothing truly exciting here i suppose, but basic principles of composition that do become second nature after so many years of shooting.

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