Sunday, May 19, 2013

of bugs and buds and dead things....

I spent most of the morning doing up photos for the Enquirer gallery of Patti Smith's concert last night. A bit of a photographic disappointment as we were severely restricted in terms of time and position for getting our shots. That coupled with the usually poor lighting in the otherwise magnificent Memorial Hall left me with no particularly great shots of Patti's show for today's blog, at least by my standards.
So, what to do about my picture a day promise to myself. When in doubt i suppose it's never a bad idea to hit the garden on a nice Sunday afternoon with the 105mm macro lens. :-)
  Photo: ©David Sorcher 2013
The irises are in full bloom so i headed for them and found this little guy crawling around. Had to wrangle him a few times to keep him in view.

  Photo: ©David Sorcher 2013
It may be a bit cliché, but if you want a little more interest in your flowers, just add water. To be fair, it had been raining earlier in the day anyway. Of course, i waited for my little friend to exit first.

  Photo: ©David Sorcher 2013
Thought i'd try some full frontal light on the red irises, but i sure waited a long time for the clouds to open up. They kept giving be really short little windows, but i finally got this one pretty much like i wanted it.

  Photo: ©David Sorcher 2013

A little explanation here...My neighbor brought me 3 dead baby birds about 2 weeks ago situated on this piece of terra-cotta (she knows my twisted mind ;->). I balanced them on a stick in a bunch of blue irises to photograph them. A day later it seemed they were gone, perhaps snatch by one of the neighborhood's stray cat pack. But today i noticed that the smallest of the 3 still remained and shot the photo above. Below is one of the photos from the original shoot two weeks earlier.

  Photo: ©David Sorcher 2013
There is plenty to shoot in you own front (or back) yard. Just keep looking. :-)

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  1. Perhaps you were meant to look deeper? Freya's cats can be helpful for that.