Saturday, June 1, 2013

It's been a busy 24 hours. I managed to do two shoots last night and attend at least part of the opening of the SOS Art Show where i am currently showing some work. First i hit the SOS show, then the PJ Morton (of Maroon 5) show at Washington Park where i shot today's blog photo. After that i went back to the SOS show and then later that night to Tyler Shields' opening party downtown for his new show that is going up in the Miller Gallery. That was quite the gathering of the beautiful people and was pretty well attended. I must say that i really like Tyler's new body of work, Suspense, more so than any of his previous efforts. Images of men and women in all states of free fall or tittering on the very edge of falling, shots that are tension filled with rich pure color (when in color), leave the viewer wondering exactly how they were done or if they left any humans hurt in the making.
I have another shoot in just a couple of hours so not so much time to write. My image today is of a guy who called himself Juliano and was half hobbling around on one crutch before the PJ Morton show being rather boisterous. We had a nice little chat. It would seem that he is from Atlanta and calls himself a Black Italiano. I was not convinced that he actually was in need of the crutch. :-)
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