Friday, June 14, 2013

The Hung Bird

( my best Rod Serling voice...) Subject for your approval, The Hung Bird. Another from my Last Rites/Future Fossils series, this was an odd one even for me. Maybe not in a Twilight Zone kind of way, but still pretty strange. My neighbor Alison (again! :-) ) alerted me to this find, the bird just hanging off the concrete of the grade school around the corner as if it had been pinned there for display. I'm not really sure what it found purchase on when it was alive, but wondered even further how it managed to remain hanging there for so long after death.

 ©David Sorcher 2013

I tend to like working in color and have kept the bulk of this series that way (though this did all originally get started as a B&W film project), but there wasn't much color to be found in this shot other than the beige of the concrete wall, so i converted these to B&W. I think it draws more attention to our hanging friend this way. 

©David Sorcher 2013

I don't photograph these expired creatures simply because they are dead and i have surely passed by many a road kill without bothering to raising camera to eye. I am looking for a certain grace in these forms and a beauty that speaks beyond the implied sadness of death. 

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