Wednesday, June 19, 2013

No Place Like Northside

I'd like to promote a continuing long term project of mine today. Some works-in-progress never really have an end, not as long as the subject continues to present itself, in this case on a daily basis. Like most photographers i long to visit and shoot far away and distant, exotic lands. Bali is on on my bucket list. But i think it is important to remember that good photographic opportunities and subjects present themselves everywhere, even in our own backyards. I've been working on this project since we bought a house in Northside, a rather eclectic little neighborhood in my city of Cincinnati. All the shots are well within waking distance from my home, many are even spittin' distance, as they say, right outside my front door. You can see more of this body of work HERE.

Northside, CIncinnati
©David Sorcher 2012

Though a very young and vibrant neighborhood that is filled with artists and musicians, i have focussed much of my attention on abandoned structures and quiet spaces, many of which will no doubt soon be replaced and disappear forever. These places hold the key to a history that is always in danger of being lost as new generations displace the old. 

Northside, Cincinnati, Street Corner, signs, vacant lot
©David Sorcher 2012

This quiet corner shot seemed somehow Hopper-esque to me in it's use of light, shadow, contrast and color, a deserted moment as day edged towards twilight. 

©David Sorcher 2012

The Twins stand tall along this peach-tinged building in a park on the avenue that never seems to be used, dedicated to people or things long forgotten. I know i read the plaque once that lives off to the right of this frame, but i cannot recall the dedication. I'll have to go back and re-read it. 

©David Sorcher 2012

Symbols have always fascinated me, flags no less than any other i suppose. This window dressing seemed timeless to me. I knew that if i counted the stars there would surely be less than 50. Bleached and yellowed by many a setting sun they had no doubt been in place for decades, a vestige of the lost American Dream behind dark and dirtied glass.   

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