Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Lost in Transition

Yes, i am desperately searching for an image for today's blog and something meaningful to say as well. I was cleaning up my computer today and transferred more than 200 gigs of files off to an external HD. While i was doing that i came up with today's image, one that fell through the cracks as i put together this project last year. Really there are many of them and if i ever do that Occupy Cincinnati book that lurks on the back burner of my mind i will have to look into my files again for a serious re-edit. Often enough i find that we leave a lot of the good ones behind when we do our first edit. Maybe it's something that i'm rushing into publication so my mind is set for a very particular kind of image. Maybe i just didn't look carefully enough in the first place through the hundreds of images i might capture during a day of political protest. What ever the reason it is always a good idea to take another look at a later time once it has all settled down and the deadlines have passed. Sometimes you find that you've left some diamonds in the rough...
Not sure this one's a diamond, but when i saw it in the files i remembered the man, the moment and why i took it in the first place, enough so that i felt i needed to give it at least a showing.
©David Sorcher 2011

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  1. Glad you took the time to revisit those pictures - this one's great!