Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tailing after the super moon...

I'm sorry SuperMoon, but i just didn't have time for you this year. There was the Solstice party Friday night (bet THAT was a slap in your face) and then the clouds were in when you rose on Saturday. I was just dead tired when i got home from the shoot Sunday and i still had to edit the work before bed and by the time i got finished you were high in the sky without a good reference point. But you were having no excuses, were you, and even after only a few hours sleep you woke me up at 7am and demanded my attention. So against my better judgement i threw on a pair of jeans, grabbed my camera and tripod and ran shirtless and shoeless across the street to my neighbor's yard to try to shoot the very last few moments of your superness against the western sky while wiping the crust of sandman sleep from my eyes. I am not at all convinced that i succeeded, but still, i did it for you. There....are you satisfied now?

©David Sorcher 2013

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