Friday, June 7, 2013

We're not a gang, we're a club...

Again i'm reaching back into some unattended files for today's offering. So often i see images slip out of sight as i move forward with my work and i need to remember to check back every now and then and refresh my memory. I will have taken a few shots at the beginning of a card before going out on an assignment and then they get lost in the rush to deadlines and forgotten.
Today's photograph is of my friend, neighbor, photographer, tattooer Josh Pfeifer sitting on his bike (another of his passions) across from my house. We have a tight little community of friends here in a one block radius on Apple Street, perhaps a good subject for a future portrait project waiting to happen.
Extra points to those who recognize where i sniped my title from without needing to resort to google. :-)

©David Sorcher


  1. Easy Rider. Photo makes me want to climb on and feel the wind while blowing down the highway.

  2. Great picture of Josh, David... Makes me miss Apple and Knowlton!