Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Of Mice and Men...

I have been considering showing more of my Last Rites/Future Fossils work in this venue since this personal work doesn't get enough air time elsewhere. I am also beginning to take more serious steps towards manifesting this work into a show so it's probably good to start organizing and gathering my thoughts on the process.
But tonight's offering is a direct result of having just watched Sunday night's episode of Game of Thrones. Some of you might not get that, but those who do will certainly understand what i mean.
©David Sorcher
Originally i called this Ollie's Gift as it was just that, left behind on my in-law's porch by their cat as a token to the king and queen of the house. Ollie is a good mouser and shows her appreciation for a good home as cats often will.
I have more recently referred to this piece as Flowers for Algernon. If you don't know the reference it's a wonderful and sad little sci-fi story by Daniel Keyes that you can either search out and read for yourself or you can be your own spoiler and just read the synopsis here.
Tonight, however, it is being published in honor of the Starks. :-)

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  1. I just realized that the photography staff of the Chicago Sun-Times have a bit in common with the Starks right now as well, so perhaps i should extend my dedication of this photo to them as well...