Thursday, June 6, 2013

Slipping time through the garden

Time seems to keep slipping just a little bit each day and my midnight finds itself at 1AM as of late. That's good for "deadlines" but bad for my sleeping habits.
I had my pictures of the day worked up much earlier this evening, but only now find myself with a moment to post. I've started working up a few of the images from Garden of the Gods in Colorado. I guess i pushed it aside for a few weeks due to the circumstances of my trip out there. I will certainly need to return to visit my sister in better times and will definitely spend a lot more time in this place. The character of this landscape changes with every hour and i would love to spend them all capturing the light and shadow on these rocks and trees. These images were shot between 9 and 12am. This place deserves an earlier start and a later finish.
Two Trees ©David Sorcher 2013

©David Sorcher 2013

So c'mon, we all do this, right?  What do you see in the cloud? ...or the rock for that matter?  :-)

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  1. It looks like a chameleon crawling up the rock confused as to what shade of orange to change to. And of course it looks like he's singing Karma Chameleon...